Guanyin Buddha glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture glass fiber reinforced plastic has been widely used in various industries, reaching aerospace, small office supplies, of course, is well applied in the sculpture industry, and is constantly exploring new uses and methods of Fiberglass material, Boao Beijing The sculpture factory listed the latest Fiberglass sculpture classification for everyone to understand:

Fiberglass flower pots: indoor flower pots, European flower pots, outdoor flower pots, square flower troughs, fountain pots, glass steel vases, imitation sandstone pots, hanging flower pots.

2019 latest Fiberglass sculpture classification

2019 latest Fiberglass sculpture classification

The latest Fiberglass sculpture classification: round sculpture, relief sculpture, cartoon sculpture, sandstone relief, figure fountain sculpture, animal campus sculpture, avatar garden sculpture, large sculpture, imitation bronze sculpture, glass fiber reinforced plastic molding.

Fiberglass furniture: Fiberglass counter, Fiberglass chair, Fiberglass deck.

Fiberglass cabinet shell: small instrument casing, Fiberglass fittings, large instrument casing, car shell, lightbox, toolbox, meter box, lawn speaker, helmet, radome, fiberglass boat, signage, ventilation pipe, fan casing.

Fiberglass products: dining tables and chairs, trash cans, anti-mosquito gates, Fiberglass gratings, anti-collision barrels, glass plates, glass steel slides, linen car clothes, security booths, and glass steel public toilets.

Fiberglass model: wine bottle model, car body model, animal model, film and television model.

Fiberglass Mei Chen: Mei Chen Flower Pot, Mei Chen Sculpture, Mei Chen Furniture, Festival Celebration, Mall Mei Chen Decoration, Fiberglass Crafts.